original oil on exhibit

ARTS for ACT is a non profit organization located on First St. in downtown Fort Myers, Fl.  Arts for Act promotes non-violence against women.

I am honored to be chosen for their upcoming August exhibit along with other local artists.  Thirty percent of all proceeds will be donated to this great charity.

Local Artists supporting the community of Fort Myers.

Please join us at the opening reception on Aug. 3rd.

Love to see ya.


ART -A Sign of the Times

An Artist is the pulse of now.  Artists are tuned in to what’s happening.   Do you ever think about the artists during the early 1900’s in Paris? The streets were alive with creativity and the likes of La Trec, Degas, Gaugin, Manet, Mary Cassat and others.  They were writing history with a brush.  When we look at this time period or any time period where there is a creative wave such as;  most recently,  Abstract Expression,  history is being written.  These ‘movements’ give us great insight into the pulse of the times.  My fellow artists, art buyers,  and art lovers, we all are co-creators in the book of NOW!

Lana P.

Drawing from the Female Figure

Just revisited the nude drawings of Gustav Glimt. WOW! very sexy with a light touch and a few lines.

Klimt (1862-1917) from Austria.  His works were considered scandalous. He was preoccupied with the female figure. He is best known for his art noveau style of paintings. The female drawings deserve attention.

Some of you may know I love to draw from the nude model. The Alliance has cancelled its evening nude drawing workshop and I need a nearby place to go to draw.